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Move Out Process

The move out process is very important. Following the steps below will help guarantee the full refund of your security deposit.

We will only make deductions from your security deposit for just causes. These deductions include any replacement of damaged or missing fixtures, appliance damage or other items provided by the owner. Deductions for labor include cleaning, patching, repairs, etc. If you do not clean or repair damaged areas prior to moving out, charges will be deducted from your security deposit based on the move out process sheet provided at the time of property rental. Items not on the list will be charged on a cost/labor basis.

Move Out Tips

Below are just a few tips to follow to ensure a full refund of your security deposit…


  • Stove: Clean top burners, oven, broiler and vent hood
  • Dishwasher: Clean the front and the inside
  • Refrigerator: Clean inside (including drawers), outside, underneath and behind. Remove any water left in drawers. Remove any ice from ice makers
  • Sinks, Counters and Cupboards – Wiped down and Clean


  • Clean sink, tub, counter tops, cabinets, toilet, mirror and floor
  • Remove any hair from drains

Other Items

  • Vacuum carpet and mop floors
  • Wipe down all doors
  • Cabinets/Closets: Wipe down with damp cloth, remove all items
  • Window Area: Dust blinds, wash drapes and clean windows
  • Walls: Remove nails, patch holes, clean dirt marks, scuff marks and finger and hand prints
  • Fireplace: Clean inside, outside and remove all ashes
  • Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures: Clean blades and light covers. Replace any missing or burned out bulbs


  • Sweep porches and patios, pick up any trash
  • Garage: Sweep floor, clean any fluids that may have leaked from vehicles

Anything else that you feel might cause a deduction from your security deposit… clean. Call us with any questions as this will allow you the opportunity to take care of any questionable items.