Eviction & Property Possession Services

Management of Legal Eviction Process to Ease Landlords’ Worries

Even good landlords aren’t immune to bad tenants who don’t pay on time, damage their property, conduct illegal activities, or fail to renew their lease agreement. But making them move out isn’t as simple as changing the locks. They still have their rights, and you could end up with a lawsuit if you fail to follow proper eviction procedures.

Motor City Property Managers will process everything to ensure you don’t break any laws. We stay updated with state and local owner and tenant laws, so we know the legal steps to initiate if rents aren’t paid on time. We will reduce your stress and confusion, help you recover rent, and regain possession of your property.

Motor City Property Managers
will assist
you all the way, especially through stressful
legal circumstances

The MCPM Eviction & Possession Process:

    • Tenants are obliged to pay late fees for rent paid 7 days after the due date.
    • Tenants who haven’t paid for 2 months get a 7-day judgment notice.
    • Tenants who fail to pay the full amount 7 days after receiving the 7-day notice receive a judgment.
    • MCPM will bring the matter to court and handle the entire eviction process for the landlord.
    • After the tenant has been evicted, MCPM will arrange a property cleanout and prepare it for listing again.


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