Credit, Income, & Criminal Screening

A Successful Rental Investment Starts with Placing the Right Tenant

Simply finding any tenant to occupy your vacant property just will not do. Some landlords ended up with tenants who stop paying rent, damage the property, or conduct criminal activities on the premises. Protect yourself and your investment property with our thorough screening process.

Motor City Property Managers will find the ideal tenant to occupy your investment property, eliminating the burden of eviction processes and reducing high turnover rates. Potential tenants and anyone over the age of 18 who are planning to occupy our rentals must complete a comprehensive individual application. Here is how our application process works:

Finding reliable tenants protect your 3 P’s:
property, profit, and people

MCPM is looking for potential tenants:

  • With a credit score of 520 or higher
  • Without high amounts of outstanding debt
  • Without previous evictions
  • Without previous judgements

Prospective tenants must have:

  • No committed felonies
  • No criminal convictions

We only recommend homes that potential tenants can afford:

  • Potential tenant’s income must be three times higher than the monthly rent. Proof of income, such as recent pay stubs, will be requested.
  • If their income includes Child Support, Disability, State Aid, Alimony, or Social Security benefits, the documentation they provide must detail it.
  • Self-employed tenants must provide business and individual income tax returns for the last two years and bank statements.
  • Potential tenants need to submit proof of funds and deposit one month rent and one and a half month security deposit to move in.

To qualify, interested tenants must:

  • Verification of rental history
  • Submit proof of on-time payments for the last twelve months
  • Have no record of eviction
  • Landlord referrals


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