Moving Out Process

Guidelines that will help you receive a full security deposit.


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  1. Please provide us with a 30-day notice of moving out.
  2. Included in these instructions is a list of the occupant’s responsibilities upon moving out. Please be sure to review and complete all that is needed.
  3. When you have completely moved out of the premises, and it has been cleaned and all debris have been removed, please call us to schedule one of the following;
    1. Schedule a day and time to walk through the property with a Motor City Property Managers Representative. *Walk thru appointments are scheduled Monday thru Thursday between 10am-4pm
    2. Return all property keys along with your signed Voluntary Vacate form to our office between the hours of 10am to 4pm Monday – Thursday. Or you may drop it off in our 24/7 drop box outside the office’s front door.
    3. You may Email the signed Voluntary Vacate form to Please Note: Tenants are Responsible for Property until our office receives the signed Vacate form.
  4. Your Security Deposit Settlement will be processed and mailed to you at the forwarding address provided. Please note that under Michigan Law we have 30 days to process your Security Deposit Settlement. It normally takes 30 days to obtain all information required. If you have not received your settlement by 45 days after your move out date, please contact our office.

Per the terms of your Rental Agreement, the release of your security deposit is subject to the following provisions:

  • Formal written notice of intent to vacate has been received by Landlord no less than 30 days before vacating.
  • There are no damages to house and/or grounds beyond normal wear and tear.
  • The entire premises, including but not limited to appliances, fixtures, bathrooms, closets, cabinets, flooring, basement, garage and exterior of dwelling are clean. All debris, rubbish, garbage and any landscape overgrowth has been removed. Carpets have been professionally steam cleaned.
  • No unpaid late fees, extra visitor charges or other charges as defined within this agreement, or Rent, remains outstanding. **Security deposit shall not be used as payment towards any rent obligations.
  • All keys are returned, and door openers are left in the kitchen drawer.
  • Forwarding address has been provided to the Landlord in writing within 4 days of vacating. Otherwise the Landlord shall be relieved of sending an itemized list of damages and the penalties adherent to that failure.
  • A PAID final water bill receipt through your move out date is required to be provided to the Landlord.
  • There are no outstanding balances due on any utilities.
  • Beginning of Agreement and end of Agreement check lists have been completed and returned to Landlord within 4 days following the end of Rental Agreement.
  • Premises is ready for occupancy.
The above conditions must be met regardless of the condition of premises when occupancy began. If occupancy was taken with premises in condition less than the current condition, it is assumed that such occupancy was for value received.
  • Tenant(s) are responsible for the property, per the terms of the Rental Agreement, until our office receives the signed Voluntary Vacate and Property Release form releasing responsibility of the property.
  • Please place city garbage and recycling bins in garage. If no garage, place behind the premises.
  • Premises must be left free of any debris, inside or outside the unit. If returning to the property on the day of garbage pickup, you must notify us. If we are not notified, anything left will be disposed of and you will be charged for the removal.
  • Be sure that the following has been addressed:
    • all smoke detectors are operational and present, batteries have been replaced as necessary.
    • all missing or burnt out light bulbs have been replaced.
    • all missing or damaged gutter extensions are replaced.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the premises, per the terms of the rental agreement. Any evidence of smoking inside the premises is subject to a minimum fee of $500.00.
  • Pets of all kinds are not permitted at the premises unless prior written approval from the Landlord has been given. Any evidence of an animal at the premises is subject to a minimum fee of $250.00 per pet.


  • Rent will be billed through the last day of the month, regardless of the day moving out. Rent is prorated from the day of your move-inat the time of moving in, through then end of your first month. So, all terms run through the end of each month.
  • Regardless of notice to vacate, rent must remain current through vacated date. In the event rent becomes delinquent, Tenants will be served with a Seven Day Notice to Quit and eviction will begin. Tenant will be responsible for all applicable charges as listed in your Rental Agreement.


  • ROOMMATE MOVING OUT – NOTICE RECEIVED: The occupant breaking the Rental Agreement must provide a 30-day notice to vacate and return a signed Voluntary Vacate form as well as written approval to vacate from all other occupants on the Rental Agreement.
    • Remaining occupant(s) MUST be re-qualified to remain in the property. Approval was based on your application submitted and because the terms of your rental agreement are changing, all remaining occupants must be re-evaluated.
    • If remaining occupants fail to re-qualify for the property, they must also vacate upon 30 days of the disapproval.
    • If there is an outstanding balance on the account, all occupants will remain responsible for the balance due.
    • ROOMMATE MOVING OUT – SECURITY DEPOSIT: Security Deposits are for the property, not the occupants. If a roommate is moving out, they are forfeiting their security deposit.

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